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The truth behind skin damage

Have you started to notice your skin isn’t quite what it used to be?

Maybe you’re concerned about wrinkles, redness, pigmentation or signs of aging?

And perhaps you’ve tried all kinds of fancy products and expensive treatments to get your skin back on track - but nothing seems to work in the long term?

Well, here’s the problem. 

Most beauty brands will tell you the secret to youthful skin is to strip away the outer layer of your skin - literally by scrubbing or peeling - to expose the younger skin cells below. 

Sounds like it makes sense, right? And you may even see a short-term improvement. 

But the fact is, that younger layer of skin isn’t ready to be exposed yet - and it’s incredibly susceptible to damage.

Why your skin needs a different approach

Your skin is under constant attack every single day - from the sun, wind, pollution and more. This is bad enough for normal skin, so just imagine the damage it’s doing to the new, raw layer you’ve just exposed!

Over time, as the damage increases and your skin health deteriorates, it becomes a vicious cycle of needing more expensive and extreme products, treatments and even surgery, just to reverse some of this damage.

One thing’s clear - we need to swap the ‘quick beauty fixes’ for a long-term approach to protect, nurture and heal our skin.

And the best part is, when we focus on skin health rather than short-term skin beauty, the result is more youthful, radiant skin that looks fresher and healthier for life.

That’s why at House of Clinicals, we do things differently.

Our long-term philosophy for better skin health

We believe long-term skin health is about preserving and caring for the skin you have.

It’s about getting to know your particular skin type and understanding how to look after it in the best way. 

It’s about nourishing and protecting your skin with natural, active ingredients that nurture rather than harm.

And, ultimately, it’s about a lifelong approach to skincare that keeps skin healthy at every stage.

We call it our Epidermal Preservation Philosophy.

Join the skincare revolution

When you join House of Clinicals, you get access to all areas of our unique philosophy, as well as our full range of clinically-proven products.

Become a pro at taking care of your skin with our Skincare Academy. Keep track of skin changes with your personal Skin Diary. And get expert skincare advice through our online consultations.

Previously, these products were only available through specialist clinics - but now, we’re excited to offer them to you, along with the full Epidermal Preservation Philosophy..

Ready to discover our proven approach to lifelong healthy skin?

Let's change the skincare industry for good

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