Skincare Active Ingredients

Skincare Active Ingredients

Today's discussion is a topic that I find is how people become so fixated on the product percentages advertised.

The most common one is that I use 10% Vitamin C and 20% Vitamin C - what does that mean?.

At You By Sia, we get excited thinking that this is stronger and is better for our skin, but your cells will not absorb anything more than up to 5%.  Any more than that is just a waste of an active ingredient.  

Any percentage from 1% to 5% of an active ingredient is high in its concentration.  Advertising and marketing say 10% to 20% of Vitamin C, but it is only 20% of the entire product.  So it is just a marketing ploy to try and entice you because this product is put out there on the market and has a higher percentage but do you understand.  Is it a percentage of Vitamin C or a percentage in the whole product?   

So try not to be too fixated on the percentage of an active ingredient.  Between 1 to 3% of an active ingredient is enough potency to create change.  Don't be fooled - more than 5% and your system will not absorb it.  

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