How to Use the Skin Diary

How to Use the Skin Diary

Keeping track of skin is important. Changes in your skin can happen gradually and you often don't notice changes until the change is big enough to notice. Using your skin diary regularly can really help. It only takes a few minutes a week and is really easy.

The first thing to do is to take at least one photo of your face a week. You might want to take 3 or more so that you can see more of your face. It doesn't just need to be your face, but you should at least photograph your face.

Take a selfie for your skin diary

To notice changes in your skin, it is important to keep the images consistent. Take them from the same distance in the same place with the same lighting every week. The Clinicals Ring Light for your phone can really help with the clarity and consistency. You can buy the Clinicals Ring Light here or you can get one as a gift when you choose one of our Complete Programmes.




Using selfie mode, hold the camera about 30 cm from your face and practice a few times until you get photos which you are happy with.

Upload the ones you are happy with and want to use to track your skin to your skin diary. These can be uploaded from your phone or PC.

Next, complete the short questionnaire. Choose N/A if one of the questions is not applicable to you.

And you're done!

Remember to do this every week and over time you'll keep really good track of your skin.

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