About House of Clinicals

It's time to change your approach to skincare.

It's time to change the skincare industry. 

Founded by Sia Hendry, House of Clinicals is on a mission to change the skincare industry for good because everyone deserves healthy skin for life.

Join us on our mission!

Everything we do at House of Clinicals is based on our Epidermal Preservation Philosophy

When you begin to understand how damaging most skincare products and treatments are in the long term, you will know why it is so essential to change the way you think about skincare. 

Of course, everyone has different skin types. We tend to think differently and have different needs for our skin at different life stages too. 

Whatever your skin type or life stage, House of Clinicals gives you access to everything you need to have healthy, younger-looking skin for the rest of your life. 

Start your journey towards a lifetime of healthy skin with our Free MembershipFree Membership includes: 

Our Skin Diary - easily track your skin over time and learn what does and doesn't work for you.

Our Skin Acadamy - learn about your skin, how it works, what it needs and how to keep it healthy.

Ask Sia - Got a question about anything skin related, you can ask Sia. She's there to help.

Our Clinicals range - a whole range of products that all align with our Epidermal Preservation Philosophy, with 5% off all products.

When ready to fully adopt our Epidermal Preservation Philosophy with a personalised skin programme, you can upgrade to our Platinum Membership. Our Platinum Membership includes:

Everything you get in the Free Membership, plus

A complete skincare programme designed for your skin type and life stage, delivered automatically every 6 weeks.

30% off all Clinicals products

A free Clinicals Skin Ring Light with your first delivery

A free Luxurious Clinicals Cosmetic Travel Case with your first delivery

Our Epidermal Preservation Philosophy

We've been told for many years that removing the top layer of skin will reveal a younger-looking layer of skin, and we will look more beautiful.

This works. In the short term.

It's time to start thinking about the long-term effects. 

That younger-looking skin is younger. That skin is not yet ready to be exposed, making it far more susceptible to damage. It is, in effect, accelerating the aging process. 

Our Epidermal Preservation Philosophy is an approach to skincare that doesn't damage, impair or exfoliate the top layer of our skin. It's about ensuring you use skincare products that will protect your skin, repair it, and nourish it. It's about doing that every day. It's about keeping track of your skin over time so you notice changes and address issues early. It's about genuinely caring for your skin in the long term.

When you follow our philosophy, you will have healthy, young-looking skin for the rest of your life

Our Products

At the heart of our Epidermal Preservation Philosophy is a clinically-proven range of high-performance skincare products which are safe for all skin types and refreshingly easy to use. 

By drawing on powerful and natural active ingredients, our tried-and-tested products work to repair, protect and maintain skin health in order to keep it youthful in the long term.

Previously, our professional-grade product range was only available through skincare clinics, but we’re now excited to bring these exceptional products directly to you - so you can experience the lifelong benefits of nurtured, nourished skin.

When you join as a FREE Member, you get 10% off all our products

The Skin Academy

We firmly believe that the more you understand about your skin, how it works, and what it needs to thrive, the better you’ll be able to provide it with the care it needs to stay healthy and protected in the long run.

Empowerment through education is a key part of our philosophy, which is why we’ve developed the House of Clinicals Skin Academy - a portal of skincare knowledge that helps you become an expert in your own skin and develop a skincare regime that delivers maximum benefit.

Access to the Skin Academy is included in your FREE Membership, so you can be on your way to becoming a skincare pro as soon as you join!

Your Skin Diary

Our skin is an ever-evolving organism that reacts and responds to all kinds of different stimuli. In order to provide it with the nourishment, replenishment and protection it needs to stay healthy, it’s important to monitor the way our skin changes over time.

To help you keep track of your skin developments and get a clear understanding of what’s working for your particular skin type, your House of Clinicals membership includes access to a personal Skin Diary.

In your online Skin Diary, you can keep a record of the changes your skin undergoes, how it responds to different products, and any other details about your skin health - so you can easily keep track of your ongoing skincare journey.

Ask Sia

Sometimes, we all need a little extra support to get our skin back to its healthy, radiant self. Whether you’re struggling with a stress-induced breakout or dealing with drier than normal skin due to weather conditions, House of Clinicals is here to help.

As a member, you can Ask Sia any skin related question you like and get the advice you need for free.

Ready for a smarter approach to skincare? Join House of Clinicals today and take your first step towards a lifetime of healthy skin.