Meet the Founder

Sia Hendry, Founder of House of Clinicals

Sia Hendry is passionate about skincare. She has treated thousands of people in her skincare clinics in and around Bondi, Sydney, for almost 20 years.

Very early in her career, Sia realised that conventional skincare thinking was wrong. The skincare industry is focused on beauty and delivering short-term beauty improvements but at the cost of long-term skin health.

It was then that Sia started developing her Epidermal Preservation Philosophy. The philosophy is about using products and following a routine that will keep your skin healthy for the long term. She instinctively knew that focussing on skin health rather than skin beauty was the best long-term approach for healthy skin. She also found that those who followed the philosophy had more naturally youthful skin with fewer conditions. That means they needed fewer skin treatments.

Most skincare products and treatments are about removing the epidermal layer with scrubs and peels to reveal younger-looking skin. This short-term gain comes at a cost. These younger skin cells are not ready to be exposed yet and are much more susceptible to damage.

Your epidermal layer is there for a reason. It is your first line of skin defence. You need to learn to love your epidermal layer if you want healthy, younger-looking skin for the long term. You need to become an epidermalover!

Before creating her own range of products, Sia tried all the best products on the market, but she found that none had everything she was looking for. In 2008, Sia started developing her own skincare products, and the Clinicals range was born. In creating Clinicals, Sia concentrated on making sure these products had the following key features:

They must have the right ingredients in their purest form.

There must be a safe delivery system through the outer layer of skin to the dermal layer below, where the ingredients can be effective at repairing, nourishing and protecting the skin.

There must be no fillers or nasties that might cause a bad reaction.

These products must work well together.

These products must be easy to use.

Sia has designed different products to target and support different skin types, different skin conditions and different life stages. 

Sia’s Clinicals range of products has been sold through her clinics for over 10 years, with thousands of people routinely using the products and achieving healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Sia has carried out countless trials of the products across all skin types and has seen success across the board. 

Most customers see the effects in as little as two weeks.

“Think of the surface of your skin as a means to communicate when something’s not right or is damaged underneath. Unless you can reach and treat that deeper layer of skin, all you’re doing is painting a damaged canvas with beautiful oils. Everything will look great for a while…but eventually, the canvas is going to cave”

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