Is Foundation Good For Your Skin?

Is Foundation Good For Your Skin?

We wear foundation because we want to hide the imperfections.  

High foundation coverage is wax-based, they tend to cover well, but they also tend to block our pores and are difficult to remove with a cleanser.  

When I remove my client's foundation, it is difficult to remove the waxy foundation out of the pores.  

So even if you are going to apply foundation daily, what if you could apply foundation that is good for your skin and is there such a foundation?.

Well, the good news is that there is.  A mineral foundation is a way to go.  If you are going to put something on your skin, let it be good for you.  A mineral foundation will help hide imperfections well but do not penetrate or seep into the lines or your pores.  A mineral foundation is easy to remove from the skin as well. 

Mineral foundation has SPF protection.  So if you do wear an SPF daily and mineral foundation, you can increase the amount of SPF on your skin, preventing you from getting pigmentation and sun damage.  

Some mineral foundations on the market can have some nasties.  So find an all-natural one including ingredients of jojoba, vitamin E, ginkgo or green tea.  

So make sure you look for a mineral foundation with natural ingredients for protection and look flawless right through the day.  

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