Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Today we are going to discuss why we have sensitive skin. 

Are we born with sensitive skin?.  No we create it by using products that are stringent, erosive and excessive exfoliation ability that interferes with the top layer of the skin called the epidermal layer.  

Removal the epidermal layer is through treatments that consists of excessive exfoliation, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and products with acid percentage, which impair and remove the epidermal layer. The epidermal layer (top layer) should never be jeopardised or removed.

When the epidermal layer is damaged,  any product you apply that is stringent with alcohol, fragrance or any active ingredient such as vitamin C will sting and burn, thinking that your skin is sensitive.   No, you caused that to your skin by removing the epidermal layer.  

Imaging placing an open wound in the water, it will sting.   Our cells are like the wound, and exposing cells to sun light, they will start to oxidise, and stinging occurs.  

When your epidermal layer is intact, you can place a mild lactic acid on your skin and you should not feel that stinging sensation.  

Just remember we are not born with sensitive skin, we create it by removing and jeopardising that epidermal layer and whatever you put on will cause a stinging or burning sensation that makes you believe your skin is sensitive.  

Leave the epidermal layer intact and the skin will not be sensitive!

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