Skin Fundamentals/Basics

Skin Fundamentals/Basics

Healthy skin will ALWAYS present youthful. So how do we achieve healthy skin and why is it so important? If we look at health on a bigger scale, we know that it means our organs function at an optimal healthy level to ensure longevity. This also applies to our skin. Since our skin is the largest organ of the body, it too requires the same level of nutrients, minerals, growth factors, blood supply and most importantly, daily commitment. Just as we feed our organs through diet, we can ingest the same level of diet to our skin. Our skin has the ability to absorb nutrients, lipids, hydration and all that is required to function at it's optimal best.

So if we understand we can 'feed' our skin topically, then we will be able to not only increase and maximise it's health but also slow down and deliver healthy, youthful beautiful skin, long term.

The other extremely important requirement is the ability to protect and therefore prevent external environmental drivers that accelerate our skins ageing. Thanks to UV protection and Epidermal preservation, we can prevent moisture loss out of the skin and prevent infection entering. Our skin is there to protect all our internal organs and is possibly one of the most important organs of our bodies. If we look after, protect, repair and nourish our skin, we can most definitely ensure it's longevity and health. Besides this primary function, our skin also acts as a communicator for possible internal issues our bodies are facing.

So if your skin presents unhealthy it can also be a sign that something internally needs to be addressed. So your skin really can be and is a life saver for so many things. This is why Clinicals believe that healthy skin is vital for our all over well being and longevity. Practising Epidermal preservation is the key. The skin is a smart organ, and really knows what to do.

For many years we have been taught to remove what we don't like on the surface, when in fact it really is the deeper layer of the skin where most issues lie. If what we have been doing for many years has worked, why are we still looking for a better way. Well, Clinicals has managed to do that. We work WITH your skin, NOT against it. We delivery highly powerful and potent active ingredients into the deeper layer of your skin, where it's actually required, to ensure it is being supported with what it requires to do it's job in a 24hr frame. This ensures healthy youthful skin, long term. Removing the surface of the skin will only treat the symptoms, and possibly cause them too. This will lead to an acceleration in our skin ageing and is merely sweeping the issue under the rug.

We believe our new/unique approach is the future to healthy youthful glowing skin - for life!

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