What Makes Us Look Old

What Makes Us Look Old

Today's discussion will be on the areas of the body that tend to be forgotten about when we deal with the ageing progress. 

We are so focused on the facial aspect of ageing that we forget other vital areas that can contribute to how old we look, the neck and the hands.  

I  have always focused on taking care of my face that I forgot to take care of my neck or hands, a sure sign of my age.  

My routine is that I apply slightly more serum than I would usually do on my fingertips, rub it into my face and then take it down my neck area and across the décolletage and then what is left over, I tend to rub into my hands.   Make sure you always wear your sunblock as the first line of defence from UV.  Clients tend to complain about age spots on their hands which ages their appearance.  The sunspots come from driving in the car, so make sure you have sunblock on your hands.

Some treatments can be done to these areas to give you that youthful look.   

If you follow this rule, you will be guaranteed to slow down the ageing process and have a more youthful glow.

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