Why Do You Have Dry Skin

Why Do You Have Dry Skin

Is your skin dry - Is it oil dry or water dry?. Do you know the difference between oil dry and water dry?.  What could be contributing to both of these issues?  

When our skin is water dry, it is dehydrated.   Lacking water hydration requires hyaluronic acid to act as a binding agent to our molecules - skin cells - and keeps the skin concentrated and hydrated.   

When younger, lipid or oil concentration is good, we tend to lack more hydration in the skin.   Feed your skin with good hyaluronic serums for that hydration.

There are several reasons why your skin is dehydrated.   Moisture loss on the surface of your skin can be from a product.   To prevent moisture loss in the skin, use a serum that helps to provide moisture, hyaluronic or water into the skin.  

What could be making the skin dehydrated is you could be stripping the skin from water by skin exfoliants and excessive scrubbing,  leading to moisture loss evaporating more quickly.  Sun exposure also dehydrates and evaporates moisture out of your skin, possibly causing your skin dehydration.    

Being oil dry tends to be more in the more mature age group of 30 years and over, leading to depletion of lipids in our skin.  

So how can we replenish the lipid back into the skin?.  Purified lipids are essential to putting hydration back into the skin, coating our cells with lipid concentration, therefore, renewing the skin's plumpness.  

What could be contributing to stripping lipid of your skin could be chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and excess foliation, stripping that natural oily layer of bacteria that sits on our skin which removes that lipid content. 

Use serums that are high in concentration of hyaluronic acid for hydration in your skin. 

Purified lipids will replenish the lipid content that is now lacking in our skin due to our ageing skin and less production of that lipid.

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