Why is your skin red

Why is your skin red

Today I will be discussing why you may be red.  

Often I will have clients coming in with specific skin concerns of large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging and mostly the ageing side of the skin.

However, when I look at my client's face, 99% of the time,  I notice redness in the skin.   Some of you might already notice redness in your skin and see capillaries or redness showing through the skin. The skin is  communicating to you for help.    

Other skin tones generally do not see this inflammation or redness because pigment sits over the capillaries as the capillaries are underneath the deep layer of your skin.  Look in the mirror and if you see redness, you have what I call, a depleted airbag.  Instead of your capillaries sitting in the deeper layers, they are much higher closer to the surface of the skin.  

Instead of having a thick connective tissue airbag that balloons us out, the capillaries are very close to the top.  We want to build the airbag, push them and calm them so they are not noticeable.  Most people are not concerned about the redness.   It is important and this needs to be addressed. 

We understand that the skin is in a state of inflammation and is not functioning.   You are releasing the wrong type of connective tissue and  functions that are meant to happen daily in your skin are not accurately occurring.  The skin wants to calm the inflammation or redness in the skin and it is detrimental to the health of you skin.  

Red has always been a symbol of emergency or fire or danger.  Redness in the skin needs calming.  Once calmness is resolved, it is easier to see other imperfections on the skin.  

The analogy I use for  my clients is “Imagine you invite me over to your home and say, Sia, I want you to come to my house.  I come to your house. I can build a beautiful marble feature here, I want a marble countertop over there and put a water feature over there but your house is on fire.  Put the fire out first, and then I will build you whatever you want. 

A lot of my philosophy is not to damage the surface of the skin, but make sure it is not in a state of inflammation.   While it is in the inflammatory state, it does not function properly.  Put the fire out, calm the skin and be healthy.  

What contributes to the redness of the skin could be coming from products that you are using or makeup and causing irritation to the skin and the most common contributor UV damage.  UV damage exacerbates the condition.  

Computerised Visia analysis images of my clients show UV damage because where they are wearing sunglasses, I can see that the skin is a lot calmer, the UV did not penetrate.  

Once addressed, then we can be successful with the other concerns of your skin, such as ageing of the skin, the depleted airbag layer of the skin as those capillaries.

So my philosophy is leaving the top layer intact and building you an airbag and calming that inflammation and making your skin happy.   

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