Acne Skincare Products

Acne Skincare Products

Today's discussion will be about why most acne products do not work.  

Acne can be upsetting for people, and we look for a quick fix to remove the acne.  

Acne is not a quick fix or simple solution. The condition is hard to treat as it does not happen on the top layer of the skin. The bacteria that sits around the hair follicles in the deeper layers of the skin. This bacteria causes the sebaceous gland to become overactive. Overproduction of sebum with bacteria starts to get an infection leading to pimples.  

Our first reaction is to remove the acne. Most products on the market are stringent, drying the skin and helping remove the oil and breakouts.  

Unfortunately, unless you can control the bacteria in the deeper layers of the skin, acne will keep on producing and spreading. Traditional products that we buy are very stringent and dry with benzelproxide. You might get a quick fix and dry up the surface, but you have not dealt with the cause in the deeper layers.  You need to have products that can normalise the overactivity of the sebaceous gland and get the bacteria under control.

The other problem with acne is products that work and remove the excess oils, blockages and congestion. You are removing the oily layer on the skin called an acid mantle.  The acid mantle is there to protect the skin.  Removing it, you are now placing the sebaceous gland to produce more oil (sebum) as that acid mantle has to be put back on the surface. So it is almost like you are creating a vicious cycle, contributing to the overproduction of sebaceous oil.  

Acne is a condition that may not be oil dry but water dry. You are starving the skin starved from oil nutrition.  Acne is an inflammatory condition. Products that calm the inflammation and get the bacteria under control are required. Some skin care products may temporarily work for a few months, then you stop. The skin will work out a way to stop working against it and thicken the top layer to stop stripping it.  

So that goes back to our philosophy. So it is an understanding to get the bacteria under control and normalise the sebaceous gland. Treating acne by cosmeceutical skincare as it is better to reaching the deeper layers of the skin to get the bacteria under control. 

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