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Digestive N-Zymes

Digestive N-Zymes


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A powerful blend of digestive enzymes that can support the body in breaking down food and absorbing essential nutrients. Can also assist with food intolerances and IBS


• Assists with food intolerances • Assists with lactose intolerance • All natural and plant based • Helps with bloating and flatulence • Alleviates heartburn and reflux • Speeds up our digestion process • Lowers cholesterol by eliminating fats in the bloodstream • Breaks Down all nutrient value in our food for maximum nutrition • Vegan and dairy free • Assists with gluten intolerance and Celiacs

Full Description

Digestive Enzymes are proteins that assist with the digestive process. These plant based enzymes will address and breakdown all food groups to ensure maximum nutrients are extracted and therefore absorbed. It will also ensure that no undigested food particles travel into the digestive tract. This will relieve symptoms such as bloating, cramps, gut inflammation and food fatigue.

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  • Paraben Free

  • Mineral Oil Free

  • Chemical Preservative Free

  • Phthalate Free

  • Phenoxyethanol Free

  • SLS Free

  • Glycolic acid Free

  • Chemical UV Blocker Free

House of Clinicals is Australian Owned and anti animal cruelty.


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