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Ask Sia any questions you might have about your skin, skincare, the Clinicals range or anything else about House of Clinicals. She may reply individually, or share your question and answer with the members below. Take a look at the questions and answers below before submitting yours.

I have very sensitive skin and react to alot of products. I have tried just about everything. Will this range work for my skin?

Yes, Clinicals skincare is purified (Chiral) and contains NO nasties, fragrances, parabens or chemical preservatives. You have a cell receptor for all the active ingredients, so your skin can actively take on and utilise the ingredients safely. Clinicals also contains a high percentage of anti-inflammatories. Safe for all skin types.

I'm 48yrs and have very dry skin but still seem to get breakouts. Will the Clinicals products help me with this?

Yes! the range is designed to hydrate and nourish the skin but also regulate sebum production and bacteria. Generally, you will notice an improvement in your concerns in as little as 2 weeks.

My skin constantly gets congested and I have to exfoliate weekly to help with this. Will the Clinicals products cause congestion?

The congestion you are experiencing may be coming from the current skincare you are using or makeup. As most skincare products sit on the skin, they tend to block the pores causing congestion. The Clinicals skin care range is designed to penetrate the skin, so there is no blockage in the pores. If you are having to constantly exfoliate your skin weekly, then something is not working with the current skincare you are using. After using Clinicals skincare you should not experience the same congestion after 2-4 weeks.

I sufferd from acne when I was younger and now have dark marks all over my skin. I have tried to remove these but they are still there. Can the Clinicals skincare range help with this?

Yes! Even though you may not suffer from breakouts anymore, the marks are due to PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation ) left behind. The Clinicals range has a multitude of pigmentation-removing actives. Usually, most members notice an even complexion in 2-3 months of using the range. It is also vital to be aware that keeping your skin out of the sun/UV will assist this process quicker. So wearing a daily physical sunblock is important.

I have tried to use suncreens but they cause my skin to become itchy and senstivie. What do you recommend for UV protection?

Most sunscreens are chemical and have synthetic UV blockers. It is these that are causing irritation in your skin. Using a physical sunblock, like Clinicals MINC, will not cause any reaction or irritation to the skin and protect your skin daily while also preventing moisture loss of the skin without blocking it.

I still have other skincare left that I wish to finish before purchasing Clinicals. Are there any products I can use in conjunction with my existing skincare brands?

Yes, you are able to use CLENZ, MINC, COMPLEXION COVER & ENHANCE. All the other skincare products have a delivery/penetration ability and therefore CANNOT be mixed with other skincare brands. This will most possibly lead to an adverse reaction in your skin.

I seem to constantly keep getting blackheads and congestion in my skin even though I cleanse every morning and night. What could be causing this?

From my experience, these constant recurring blackheads and congestion are usually caused by makeup foundations and sunscreens that seep into our pores and block them. I would recommend using our Mineral Complexion cover and Minc Sunblock. This should remove the cause as they are non-comedogenic.

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